American Breast Cancer Foundation

Many organizations are involved in fighting breast cancer. Each has its own unique goal, but overall, the focus is ultimately on ending the deadly disease.

Breast cancer can strike anyone. Having to deal with a financial burden on top of the disease can cause stress that may affect your chances of recovery. Fortunately, advocates across the country have built prestigious organizations dedicated to lessening the emotional and financial blow of breast cancer.

The American Breast Cancer Foundation centers its attention on providing financial assistance for screenings and testing for uninsured individuals. The ABCF offers several programs that benefit the fight against breast cancer. From financial assistance to emotional support and cancer education, it’s easy to see why the ABCF is such an influential force in the fight against breast cancer.

History of ABCF

Formed in 1997, the ABCF uses more than 65 percent of its donations to assist with medical fees and fund fundraisers. In 2014, the ABCF was awarded a Gold Level Rating by the GuideStar Exchange for its strides to implement a best practice model.

When deciding on which organization deserves your support — and money —  it’s important to look for these types of credentials. Most breast cancer awareness organizations are legitimately committed to the cause, but unfortunately there are dishonest groups out there, too. Do your homework and choose an organization with the history, testimonials and track record to make sure you’re putting your efforts and dollars in good hands.

ABCF Programs

Through its Breast Cancer Assistance Program, ABCF provides cancer screenings for individuals who would otherwise not be able to afford them. By providing 45,700 screenings, 1,300 recipients have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

The group’s Community Partnership Program works with medical clinics to provide discounted breast cancer services, such as mammograms and ultrasounds.

Like most charities, ABCF is donation driven. Through its website or 24/7 hotline, you can even donate your vehicle. They also accept cash donations, allowing you to make your donation in memory of those who lost their battle with breast cancer.

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