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By Mark H. Jaffe for the AMERICANO 

Amtrak operates trains nationwide in the USA to over 500 destinations! Amtrak operates trains from New York to Newark, Metropark, New Brunswick and Trenton to great cities like Miami Florida – even Los Angeles! You can travel in true luxury with large reclining seats with more leg room in coach than any First Class Airplane seat in the world – plus you can share the magnificent view at “see” level! You have generous room to relax and rest plus you can walk to the café car and have a cold beer or wine at the 14 table lounge car.

Traveling as a group is a lot more comfortable and fun than tiny bus seat or cramped in a car or SUV! The big news here for the first time – an exclusive AMERICANO scoop – Is that the East Coast trains to Miami from New York and to New Orleans and Chicago will restore the traditional dining car where you will once again feast on freshly prepared food prepared in the kitchens from scratch.

Mark H. Jaffe loves to ride Amtrak trains all over the United States.

We have been told that 17 new chefs were recently hired to work on the train preparing hot fresh breakfast, lunches and dinner – steak salmon chicken with potatoes and vegetable as you dine with fresh linen family style at the spacious tables in the dining car at 79 miles per hour making the trip very enjoyable and fun.

The fact that 17 chefs are in training is an exclusive scoop – first read here in the Americano! Although brand new shiny dining cars were purchased a few years ago – Amtrak eliminated the chefs’ position and instead used microwaved food. There was an outcry from millions who demanded that they restore fresh hot food and the chefs be returned to the train.

Since 1939 all overnight trains have offered not only a lounge car to relax but also a full dining room car where one sits with other fellow riders and thus make new friends over food! The entire meal will be well received with a fresh salad hot rolls and butter. Railroad steak with a baked potatoes.

I was a passenger on a train to Florida only three years ago and the chef was close to tears as he came to each table to make sure everybody was happy with their meals. You can use the Amtrak website in español and English at

You can also converse 24 hours a day with a live Amtrak agent in Spanish or English to reserve your ticket. You can simply reserve a ticket and have a courtesy hold – giving you several days to go to the train station in New Brunswick, Metropark in Woodbridge, Newark, Trenton or NYC. You can also purchase tickets over the phone or on line!

Groups of 6 or more get a special discount of 60 % off the lowest fares. You can party and relax in the café or dining car with friends and then return later to the comfort of your spacious seat with curtains and leg rests. No date has been set for the dining cars to open with full service but the AMERICANO will let you know within the next few weeks.

You can reserve a seat or even a private room with single or double beds for a very romantic trip with a wife or girlfriend. Some rooms have private showers to enjoy!

Trains are comfortable and clean. Each car has an attendant to help you and two bathrooms in each car. Service in the bar car for alcohol in food runs from 6 am to about 11 pm. If you need to chat on your phone- it is best to take advantage that you can have your own table in the café at night when others are quietly sleeping in the coach cars.

Plan your next trip to Miami or Los Angeles and have the best time of your life! 

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