Bonding With Your Pet


Bonding with Your Pet

What would we do without our pets? Animals have won over the hearts of pet owners across the world. They offer us unconditional love and loads of laughs that make our lives better.

And the truth is, we can build even better bonds with our beloved pets by taking a few simple actions each day. Forming a great bond with your pet is simple. Here are three ideas to try yourself as you reconnect with your favorite pooch, feline or pet of your choice.

Conduct Some Training

Depending on how your animal responds to direction and discipline, training exercises can be a great way of building a bond with your pet.

New behavioral training builds your skills in communicating with your pet, as well as in trusting him or her to listen to instructions. Make sure to keep training positive and collaborative, using a gentle, reward-based approach.

This style will help your pet look forward to training, giving the two of you positive time together to grow as pet and owner.

Make Feeding Time Structured

When it’s time to prepare meals, engage with your pet during the process. Call your dog over to sit and wait while your fill up the bowl. Pet the dog and talk to it to encourage a calm, relaxing eating experience.

Always remember to give your pet space during mealtime. Following a structured routine such as this helps your pet respect your rules and understand that you call the shots. This healthy relationship will help you earn your pet’s respect, leading to a strong bond over time.

Don’t Forget to Play

You can introduce training and structured mealtimes until you’re blue in the face, but until you devote some time to playing with your pet, you won’t be unlocking the true essence of being a pet owner.

Games such as fetch, tug-of-war or chase will help you not only keep in shape, but also allow your pet to enjoy your company because of your positive energy. Think of ways to introduce listening exercises within your play and look for parks that are pet friendly. The more space the better to let your pet explore and enjoy.