Classroom Activities


Classroom Activities

Are you looking for effective ways to get your classroom active in drug awareness during Red Ribbon Week? Regardless of the age of your pupils, there are many ways to get your students involved in the drug-free movement.

Whichever activities you choose to incorporate in your school, be sure to choose ones that will create lasting impressions on the children. Having fun while celebrating Red Ribbon Week will help your students appreciate and look forward to this week every October.

Benefit from the Internet

Whether you are teaching junior or high school students, chances are you have seen them with their nose glued to their smartphones. Take advantage of this by posting positive, drug-free messages on social media sites your students frequent and encourage them to do the same.

Another good way to benefit from today’s technology is to use websites like There, you can watch and share videos of celebrities promoting drug-free lifestyles. A message from a student’s favorite actor or athlete will likely stick in their mind and can influence future behavior.


Take a page from National Family Partnership’s book and encourage contests for your students. While the NFP gifts cash prizes and iPads for their contests, you don’t need such extravagant gifts for the classroom.

Encourage your students to apply for NFP-sponsored contests like the Red Ribbon Photo Contest and creating next year’s theme. Consider rewarding students who show the most enthusiasm or creativity with gift cards or trophies.

Use Each Day

Most schools use a sprit week to celebrate a sporting event or an upcoming dance. During spirit week, students are encouraged to follow each day’s theme. Popular themes are pajama day, school color day and hat day.

Why not create fun themes that incorporate Red Ribbon Week’s message? Some unique ideas recommended by the NFP:

Shade Out Drugs Day: Encourage your students to wear sunglasses to symbolize their commitment to staying drug-free.

Decoration Day: Your students can decorate the school in red ribbons and anti-drug messages to take their objective outside the classroom.

Be on a Drug-Free Team Day: Students should wear their favorite team’s clothing to create a consistent, positive message.