Career Coaches

Athletes need coaches to help keep them on track and focused on the goal ahead. Why should trying to land a new job be any different? As a job-seeker, you’re facing an uphill battle. Hundreds of applicants may be vying for the same job as you.

Maybe you’re not quite sure how to maximize the time you spend looking for a new job. Enter your professional career coach. These trained professionals are here to help you navigate the process of landing your next role.

They are oftentimes highly connected to recruiters, headhunters, resume writers and interview coaches. In fact, they may actually handle all of these functions under the umbrella of their own company.

Consider finding a certified career coach to help you along your way. Look for credentials and references from other job-seekers before cutting a check. Remember that word of mouth is important for these types of service professionals, so take referrals very seriously.

Career Coach Duties

Many career coaches specialize in one particular level of employment. For example, some may be experts in helping new college graduates land their first full-time role, while others may be more focused on guiding senior executives through the job-search process.

Regardless of their target audience, career coaches primarily execute the same tasks. According to Central Piedmont Community College in Charlotte, N.C., here are a few basic duties of the career coaches it hires to serve its student population:

  • Conducts career development functions, including administering and interpreting career assessment instruments.
  • Designs and implements outreach programs to promote and encourage use of career services.
  • Monitors and maintains protocol that provides support for high-demand jobs, certificates, degree programs and non-credit training options.
  • Advises students individually and in class presentations regarding resume writing, interviewing and job search skills.
  • No matter your experience level, it’s convenient to have a professional in your corner for questions on resume trends, industry-specific keywords and recruiter connections.

Look for Upfront Pricing

Pricing is key if you’re considering a few different career coaches for your final choice. The first step is figuring out how much you are allocating to this portion of your job search. Like a new suit, haircut or tie, hiring a career coach should be considered an investment into your professional advancement.

If you’re researching career coaches, be sure to ask about their rates before getting started. Find out how they collect payments and be wary of services that do not offer money-back guarantees if you are unsatisfied with the final services.

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