Engaging your Community


In Your Community

A good way to get involved with Red Ribbon Week is to engage your community. By beginning your own Red Ribbon Week campaign, you can spread the word of a drug-free environment.

The children in your community can greatly benefit from an organized fight against drugs, and adults can have fun organizing positive events.

Contact your community’s elected officials to determine if there is already a campaign you can join. If not, invite those officials to participate in speaking engagements and officially proclaim October 23-31 as Red Ribbon Week.

Paint the Town Red

To really make your Red Ribbon Week campaign stand out, you should be aware of some of the staples that the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency has put into place.

These include asking local businesses to display red ribbons inside and outside their buildings or place a basket full of red ribbons in reception areas. These strategies can make a big impact on customers and patrons who visit the business.

Sponsor Drug-Free Events

Talk to community members to find people who have overcome a struggle with drugs. They can give a first-hand account to youth of how drugs have affected their lives.

Engage with local experts in drug prevention and ask them how you may be able to partner for advocacy or awareness events. The more people you can inform about the risks of drug abuse, the better off your community will be.

Join a Coalition

Coalitions are community-focused organizations comprised of dedicated citizens working toward a common goal. There may already be a substance abuse prevention coalition in your neck of the woods. Find out and get involved.

Coalitions are generally funded by grants and have budgets for events or promotional items. They also have officers for marketing, volunteer engagement or budget management. With your unique skillset, you may be able to make a big difference in your community through coalition involvement.