Autumn place setting with leaves, candles and pumpkins. Focus on fork.

Fall-Inspired Decor

Fall is a great time to redo or update decorations because the season’s elements lend themselves to becoming perfect additions to your overall interior design scheme. Consider fall’s gorgeous colors and many textures when choosing how to incorporate the season into your decorations.

Your local interior design specialist keeps track of what’s hot in fall design. Integrating some of these trends can help you create stunning decorations for your fall harvest party or holiday get-togethers.

Designing Your Door

The front door is the gateway into a home. Because of this, any fall wreaths bought or made should reflect your personal style.

Some people may prefer something simple. A wreath made with fall greenery or branches will do just that. Others want a more elaborate design. For these more complex projects, consider the wide variety of materials available. Your local craft or hobby store has the ribbon, bells and spray paint needed for the most creative of efforts.

Take it to the Table

Table decor is easy to change for the seasons, but it can really transform a dining room area. It doesn’t have to cost a lot and can be pulled off with a little creativity and attention to detail.

Consider recycling things from around the house. Use different-sized glass jars and fill them with colorful leaves or seasonal flowers. Gourds make for the perfect fall decoration on your tabletop. Or you can mix and match fall candles with flowers picked from your garden.

Natural Elements

The outdoors contain a vast assortment of potential decorating material in the fall for free. Take a hike or walk to explore and pick out your pieces.

Look for pine cones, beautiful fall leaves and branches. Pick some in-season fall flowers and put them in a vase for instant beauty. Your local farmers and farmers markets will have an abundant supply of decorative pumpkins that you can easily incorporate into any design that needs a burst of vibrant orange color.

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