Yazminelly Gonzalez Candidate for Trenton City Council at Large Announcement Speech

I want to Give Thanks to GOD for allowing all of us to be here this evening. Primero quiero dar la Gracias a Dios
para estar con ustedes esta noche. (PAUSE)
Often, we miss our callings because we don’t take time to value the things that truly matter. That is why I
decided to return home after a short time away. I returned home, TO a place I have endless love for which is

YO!! He sentido el llamado de regresar otra vez a la ciudad de Trenton para luchar por nuestra gente.
The Beautiful Iman once said “CHANGE makes you find your CALLING, your LEGACY, and God’s divine plan for
your life. DON’T run from it.” I stand FIRMLY in acknowledging I am my Father’s Legacy.
Yo he sentido este LEGADO de mi PAPA para seguir su trabajo en la ciudad. Dios me motivó para cumplir este

God touched my spirit, to walk in my purpose and continue in my father’s footsteps and IT IS TIME, IT’S TIME I
Fulfill my civic duties.
As a child, my parents INSTILLED in me a LOVE for helping those who may not know how to Advocate for
Desde niña mis padres me enseñaron el valor de ayudar a la comunidad y AHORA ES EL MOMENTO de seguir
el camino de mi PADRE y tratar de ser el cambio que necesitamos.

I am Trentonian!!! A proud product of its public schools, attending Paul Roberson, Junior 2, and graduating
from Trenton High in 98. After graduating, from my Favorite HBCU, The University of Maryland Eastern Shore.
I decided to return home to work with our youth.
Yo estudié en Las escuelas de Trenton, fui al colegio y REGRESE para trabajar con la juventud como Maestra.

Yazminelli González with campaign managers: Rosa Rosado and Eris Tunstall

My experience over the last 19 years as an educator for the Trenton Board of Education and as one of the
cheer coaches for Trenton High has allowed me to develop relationships with many families all over the city.
The needs and concerns of our residents are my top priority.
Durante estos 19 años fui aprendiendo los problemas que IM-PAC-TAN a la comunidad y por eso vengo ante

I believe My Involvement in serving the community will be an asset to CITY COUNCIL and ALLOW me TO BE a
I come before you today, to announce my candidacy for City council At Large. We deserve a council who are
able to work together collectively along with our elected Mayor to do what is best for our city.
Hoy vengo a DECLARAR mi CAN-DI-DA-TURA para Consejera General. Trenton MERECE un candidato que
trabaje para la comunidad y ¡AHORA ES EL MOMENTO!

IT’S TIME for Fresh professional leadership who have the ability to make sound decisions AND advocate for us
Ya es hora que tengamos Personas PRO-FE-SION-AL-ES que sean LI -DE-RES.

IT’S TIME, our Latino Brothers and Sisters are not ignored or shamed for speaking their language.
YA ES HORA que los LI-DE-RES de Trenton VALOREN a nuestro Idioma y Cultura.

IT’S TIME, We focus on the future, eliminate the blockage of investment and funding that would create a more
prosperous city for us all. Let’s grow our city and grow it equitably
IT’S TIME we identify ways to support our local businesses and embrace new ones to generate job

YA ES HORA que nos EN-FO-QUE-MOS en crecer los negocios y La prosperidad de la ciudad.
IT’S TIME, we partner with our businesses, to provide skilled trade jobs for our younger generation, and
formerly incarcerated individuals seeking a second chance.

LET’S break THE Generational Poverty by providing our people with the tools needed to empower their future.
IT’S TIME, to ENSURE our public safety is priority by partnering with our Police Department to identify best
practices & training needed to effectively perform their duties WHILE also building a rapport with the
YA ES HORA que Trabajemos juntos con la Policía para la seguridad de nuestra gente.
IT’S TIME to invest in MORE Free after school programs and revive our summer recreational activities for our

YA ES HORA, que tengamos más programas y actividades gratis para la juventud.
IT’S TIME, we make civic engagement the NEW CULTURE of Trenton. If more people are involved, then more
people are visible, if more people are visible, then maybe our young people will think twice about the choices
THEY make.

IT’S TIME, we restore our downtown area to reflect the people who live here and attract visitors from all over.
Let’s create allies for resources to highlight the talent in our city.
IT’S TIME to create a friendlier and responsive city hall, where residents feel their concerns are heard and
resolved in a timely manner.

YA ES HORA que el MUNI-CI-PAL sea más responsable con las necesidades de la comunidad.
We ALL DESERVE a council who will put our best interest first, we deserve a council free from conflicts or
personal interests or gains.
I WILL be a calm voice who will work with others regardless of differences committed to driving positive
results for our city.

En Mi Encontraran una persona de carácter Tranquila pero FIRME en tomar decisiones.
Yo, No PRETENDO saberlo todo. Por eso los tengo a ustedes, un grupo de A-SE-SO-RES con EX-PERIEN-CIAS
para AYUDARME y JUNTOS podemos llegar a TOMAR Las Mejores Decisiones Para nosotros.

I do not have ALL of the answers and that is why I Continue to surround myself with all of you, people from all
walks of life and different generations who will collectively assist me with understanding what is needed to
make Trenton Thrive.

Esta elección no va a ser fácil para obtener una victoria pero con la ayuda de ustedes, nosotros Podemos
HACER Historia y EL-E-GIR La primera Consejera Latina PORQUE ¡YA ES HORA!

This road to November 2022’s election will Not be easy, we have some incredible candidates stepping up to
lead this city as well, but I PROMISE to work as hard as I can…From Now until November to earn the support
of all of our people because what Trenton Needs more than anything right now is to bring our city together,
we must COME together UNITED as one to move our city forward.

I will NOT be able to do this without all of you, So I come before you today and ask for your support…Let’s
Make HISTORY and ELECT me as the First Latina ever to hold 1 of those 3 seats. Allow me to be a VOICE FOR
ALL because IT’S TIME!!!! AND THE TIME IS NOW!!!!!