Fall Season


Fall: A Good Time to Buy

New models, quotas and the holidays are just a few reasons why dealerships offer the best deals at year’s end. There are many incentives a dealer can obtain if they are able to hit the numbers that are set for them. Why not help them help you?

Fall ushers in the last few months of the year. Car dealers and manufacturers are in a frenzy to finish the year strong. Traditionally, the first few months of a new year are slow ones in the car sales department, making it a necessity for local dealers to boost their end-of-year sales to get through the slow months.

Capitalize on leftover Inventory

You will likely grab a great deal on a new vehicle by waiting for late summer and early fall.  This is generally when dealerships are rolling the year’s newest models into their showrooms, meaning they begin marking down last year’s models to unload inventory.

Out with the old, in with the new is a practice for dealerships during the fall season. It’s in your best interest to take advantage.

Holiday Sales

Car dealerships have jumped on the Black Friday shopping phenomenon. Great deals can be found the day after Thanksgiving and the weeks immediately afterward as manufacturers offer reduced pricing on new models.

Other than great prices, be on the lookout for financing deals and various rebates that can make a big difference in your final cost.

Smart Spending

Consider getting a big purchase like a new car out of the way before the holidays tighten your wallet. Taking advantage of sales in September or October can give you plenty of time to readjust your budget for Christmas gifts.

If your current vehicle isn’t the most reliable machine, a new vehicle can give you peace of mind that you’ll safely get where you’re going during the busy holiday travel season.

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