Drink Garnishes

Who says cocktails have to be standard or one-size-fits-all? The more unique you make your cocktails ingredients and presentation, the better.

Whether you’re sipping a Long Island iced tea on your back deck alone or setting up an open bar cocktail party for 20 guests, don’t be afraid to put your creativity to the test by adding a few special garnishes.

Remember that there are a few basic rules to preparing and incorporating garnishes into your drink, including not letting them overpower what’s in the glass and using thick cuts of fruit instead of flimsy ones.

Here are a few more tips to make sure you pull off great garnishes:

The Simple

When it comes to garnishes, simple is better. You’re going for style points here, not so much for complements to the taste of your drink. For the best-looking garnishes, opt for fruits and vegetables instead of plastic additions, such as umbrellas or toothpicks.

Go for authentic rather than audacious, and you’ll find yourself spending more time enjoying your drink than preparing your garnish. Try to match your garnish with the color of your drink. Making an orange sherbet vodka treat? Cut a thin slice of orange peel crosswise and twist. Serve it on the side of the glass for an orange overload.

The Fancy

What’s better than a chilled mojito with a hint of peppermint? How about adding a sugar cane stick to really stir your drink? Fresh herb sprigs also make great, simple additions to your favorite mixed drink. Just be sure to use them sparingly. Too many may overpower your drink.

Consider buying oversized ice cube trays to make larger-than-life cubes, which also serve as great additions to your drink. You can add fresh herbs or berries in the trays for an extra touch of garnish that will provide a flavor burst to your drink.

Special Touches

Adding garnishes is fine and dandy, but don’t forget to do it in style. Impress your guests with a collection of cocktail tools that will make you look like a legitimate bartender. Add a shaker and a hand juicer to your repertoire to add splashes of extra creativity to every drink.

Remember your jigger to make accurate measurements and a cutting board for cutting fruit and garnishes. To create a fun party atmosphere, create a drink station that lets your guests try out these tools themselves.

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