Start Your Own Group

Have you asked yourself how you can help in the fight to stop breast cancer? Maybe your family members or friends have been affected by the disease. The good news is that it is easy to start your own group to help raise donations and awareness for breast cancer.

A smart thing to sort out before planning your group is how often you want your group to meet. Consider planning your meetings on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule. Once a month may be easier for everyone to plan around but may make it difficult to keep the group’s momentum going.

Make Your Group Unique

Check to see if a similar group already exists in your area. It may be counter-productive to begin a new group instead of assisting an already established group. Consider joining forces with like-minded groups to enhance your capabilities.

Your local oncology nurse or social worker can assist you in finding existing groups, or you can call the Cancer Support Community Helpline (888-793-9355) to locate other local groups.

Look for ways to differentiate your group’s activities. This can include inviting educated guest speakers to offer their insights on the disease and how to overcome it.

Becoming a Great Leader

If starting a group is your idea, you may be looked to as the leader. There are many factors to consider when deciding whether you should be a leader, or whether another member should take the helm of your group.

If you’ve got the passion for the group objective and are skilled in coaching others to success, a leadership role may be the perfect fit.

If you’re looking for someone else in the group to step into a director-type role, a current patient or survivor of breast cancer can make a great candidate. Someone who has experienced cancer can share in other’s struggles and convey their perspective of how to cope with the disease.

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