Wilda Diaz, Dr. Patricia Campos Medina, NJ Senator Bob Smith (D); Carmen Salavarrietq and Sharon Robinson-Briggs.

Latina Civic Action advocates for the rights of Latinas to have a seat at the table in government and politics so that our community can have a voice in enacting policies that encourage economic opportunity, equity and inclusion across all areas of society. Our goal is to directly engage voters and educate them to vote for the issues and candidates that advance our mission of empowering Latinas and our families.

Latina Civic Action builds political power and promotes policy solutions that improve the lives of Latinas and our families through legislative advocacy, electoral education and voter engagement to advance progressive political and policy change.

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Our History

Latina Civic Action was established as a result of the success of the efforts led by a group of Latinas leaders in 2001 to join together to support young Latinas and train them to run for office. The need arose out of the fact that in 2001, only 3% of NJ Legislators were Latinas. Because of the work of our founder leaders, the number of elected Latinas in the NJ Legislature grew to 9% in 2021. While we applaud the increase, representation of Latinas in NJ government and politics still lags behind other states simply because Latinos are 21% of the NJ population.

The marble’s power.-
Carmen Salavarrieta, Joana Tudela and Dr. Patricia Campos Medina, LatinaCivicPac President.

Latina Civic, is a statewide organization that seeks to advance the interest of Latinas and our families in New Jersey. We will advocate for issues that elevate the needs of our families, we will engage with legislators through advocacy campaigns and will engage voters to let their elected officials know that investment in our families future is a critical policy priority for all.

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