Councilman Bill Petrick responds to Mayor Diaz letter!

Councilman Bill Petrick
Councilman Bill Petrick

In An Open Letter:
Perth Amboy Council President Bill Petrick says Mayor Diaz
‘Engineered’ Attacks, Spread Lies & Misused City Hall

To Mayor Wilda Diaz & Citizens of Perth Amboy:

Your recent political “Open Letter” to the media and our residents is outrageous and offensive.
At least, Mayor, you finally stepped out from behind the curtain. The public now clearly sees that my independent “Perth Amboy First” Team is running against YOU on Nov. 6th – NOT against your three, handpicked puppet candidates.
Your candidates seem to be well-meaning people who, I guess, promised to rubber-stamp whatever hair-brained schemes you might propose. Seriously, Wilda? That IS NOT what’s best for Perth Amboy — you know that’s true in your heart.
Our “Perth Amboy First” team – Joel Pabon, Milady Tejada and I – have years of leadership experience, tremendous public service records, and many community accomplishments to our credit. Your slate has done nothing except pose for a few pictures.
Your character attack on me was obviously engineered by you and your sister, Nancy Diaz, who dredged up some old Facebook posts. Then, you and she publicly misrepresented their intent to spread lies. That looks sad and desperate.
Worse: You misused City Hall’s public information office to write and release a political “Open Letter” bashing me. And, your City Hall staff continually posts on social media during work hours. That abuse of tax dollars must end, but it’s nothing new for your Administration.
Here is the truth: I am a proud advocate for women in government and for women in leadership roles. In fact, I once supported your candidacy before I wised up.

I enjoy and am proud to represent an ethnically, culturally and religiously diverse community. I am a vocal proponent of immigrant-rights and legislation to make New Jersey more inclusive and safer for all families. My grandparents were immigrants as well.
Finally, Mayor Diaz, let me to appeal to your sense of honor: Stop telling lies. Stop taking cheap shots. And, please, stop misusing taxpayer-funded city services for political purposes. Let’s work together to put Perth Amboy First.
Thank you,
William Petrick
Perth Amboy Council President