Mixer party


Throwing a Mixer

What good is a cocktail party without the cocktail? The drinks you serve should be the focal point of any such gathering. The food, games and entertainment can wait.

Guests should be greeted with the cocktail of the night as soon as they arrive at your get-together.

Not only does a round of cocktails get the party started, it allows your guests to comfortably mingle within your group while you put together final preparations for the party. Before you even send out invitations, it’s important to decide what type of cocktail party you’ll be throwing to make sure your guests understand what to expect.

Choosing your drinks

Drinks are the most important aspect of your cocktail party. Now is the time to decide what kind of drinks you’ll be serving. Your drink choices may depend on the season. Throwing a cocktail party in the dead of winter? Keep things interesting — and warm — with toasty apple pie-flavored cocktails. Margaritas make for the perfect addition to your sizzling summertime soiree, so plan accordingly to match the climate that will accompany your party.

Don’t forget to offer an appropriate amount of wine and beer at the party for your non-cocktail fans. Sparkling water or virgin drinks also are considerate options to have at your party for those who will not be partaking in drinking.

Serving your drinks. Almost as important as the types of drinks you’ll be serving is how you’ll be serving them. Maybe you’ll have an open bar in your basement, giving guests plenty of options to choose from to create their perfect cocktails.

If you’re looking for a scaled-down version, a signature cocktail bar can feature just enough variety to make one or two of your favorite mixed drinks. This leaves your guests with less choice in the matter but helps keep the quality of the drinks at a high level. If you plan to entertain a large group of people in an informal setting, consider serving pitcher-style drinks or serving from large punch bowls for more of a DIY format.