Barbara George Johnson attends New Jersey Urban Mayors Association reception.

NJUMA also congratulates successful re-election campaigns of Paterson Mayor Andre Sayegh, Irvington Township Mayor Tony Vauss, and Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis

Newark, NJ –

On Tuesday May 10, Mayor Ras J. Baraka was re-elected as mayor of the State of New Jersey’s largest city. Mayor Baraka, who garnered the largest margin of victory for a successful candidate for mayor of Newark since 1954, imparted gratitude to his constituents and reaffirmed his commitment to effectuating transformative change for urban communities at the helm of NJUMA.

Newark Mayor Ras J. Baraka on the campaign trail. Photo by Oscar Alberto Quintana

“I am ever thankful for the trust the residents of Newark have shown in me, and the belief they have in the direction of my administration. Thank you to the New Jersey Urban Mayors Association for their continued support. As I reflect on our collective work with appreciation and gratitude, I am thankful to have such committed colleagues to work alongside to advance our state’s urban centers. We have faced many challenges and celebrated many accomplishments together but one thing remains clear is the need to advocate even harder for policies that will collectively benefit all of our residents,” said Mayor Baraka.

NJUMA extends congratulations to Mayor Jimmy Davis of the City of BayonneMayor Tony Vauss of the Township of Irvington, and Mayor André Sayegh of the City of Paterson, all of whom represent NJUMA communities, upon their successful re-election campaigns.

Mayor Tony Vauss of the Township of Irvington signaled enthusiasm of another term in office. “The residents of Irvington have demonstrated their faith in my ability to continue leading Irvington out of the challenges we have collectively faced as a nation over the past two years,” Mayor Vauss said. “With my team, I am honored and ready to serve another four-year term wherein I can move the dial forward on my original mission of improving the quality of life of each and every Irvington resident through maximizing the partnerships I’ve built and attracting new and exciting opportunities. Irvington is cleaner, safer, and more stable than it has ever been and I look forward to the developments that are to come.”

Mayor André Sayegh of the City of Paterson conveyed appreciation following his electoral victory. “I am humbled by the resounding support that I received from the voters in Paterson,” Mayor Sayegh said. “It is easy to lead in prosperous times but it is an honor to lead in challenging ones.”

Paterson Mayor André Sayegh. Photo archive by Oscar Quintana/Americano Newspaper

Established in 1991, the New Jersey Urban Mayors Association is dedicated to working with state and federal lawmakers and officials to develop appropriate and effective public policy measures that benefit the state’s urban centers and to help lawmakers understand how public policy affects New Jersey’s municipalities. NJUMA is an organization comprised of 32 New Jersey urban and rural municipalities. NJUMA serves its members through meetings and annual conferences which keep them informed on issues affecting their ability to provide adequate services to their residents.

For more information about the New Jersey Urban Mayors Association, please visit:

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