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Save on School Supplies Shopping for school supplies can hit your wallet hard, especially if you’re sending multiple children to school this fall. Fortunately there are many ways to save if you take the time to put together a solid plan. Many teachers send out a school supply list a few weeks ahead of the school year’s first day. You may...


Benefits of School Sports Joining an athletic team is a great way for student-athletes to build relationships with others and confidence in themselves. From football and basketball to volleyball and golf, there is a sport for every season depending on the size and location of your child’s school. Parents play a key role in encouraging their children to join an athletic...

New School

Starting a New School Making the leap to a new school can be downright difficult for a kid at any age. There are new friends to make, teachers to meet and new routines to settle into. It’s important to realize this challenge as parents, especially since we are likely going through difficulties of our own in adjusting to the new...


Watch Out for Bullying Bullying and cyberbullying is either physical or verbal and occurs when a child picks on another child repeatedly. It can happen anywhere at anytime, and isn’t restricted to the playground or school bus anymore. Social media has enabled bullying to happen from afar. There are more avenues than ever before for bullying to infiltrate, making it critical...


Getting to School Safely There comes a time when your little boy or girl transforms into a young adult, fully capable of driving to school. While this can be an overwhelming experience for mom and dad, it also is one that can teach your child great independence and responsibility. As technology continues to evolve, it is more important than ever to...


Healthy Packed Options One of the biggest changes for a kid coming off of summer vacation is getting back into the habit of quick, easy lunches. This can be a challenge for parents too. After a summer of having time to prepare a variety of meals, the school lunch structure can take some getting used to. Many of us want the...


Las Redes Sociales pueden ser una herramienta para organizar a la comunidad.

Las Redes Sociales en Era Trump


Cyber Bullying


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