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El abogado Santos Perez.
REFORMA DE LEY DE FIANZAS EN NEW JERSEY En Enero de este año una nueva ley impactante tomó vigor en New Jersey la cual beneficiará a todo acusado de un crimen. La ley consiste de cambios drásticos a los derechos de fianza. Previo a esa ley la mayoría de los acusados, incluyendo acusados sin estado formal migratorio (“indocumentados”), eran sujetos...
New Jersey,– LUPE PAC, the premiere statewide organization promoting more Latina representation in NJ politics, proudly announces the addition of four new members to its Board of Directors. The list of distinguished Latina leaders include: Julie Diaz- Political director for SEIU-32BJ Milly Camacho- Attorney for Camacho Gardner & Associates. Laura Matos- Political strategist and public relations executive with Kivvit. Cristina Pinzon- Community activist,...
Carlos Medina and Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno at La Playa restaurant in Keansburg, NJ.
By Oscar Alberto Quintana La Playa restaurant, Keansburg, New Jersey New Jersey Lt. Governor, Kim Guadagno finally opened her political wings and announced that she is running for the position of Governor in November 2017. Her boss, NJ Gov. Chris Christie, was not in attendance. She made her campaign announcement at La Playa restaurant, whose owner, Leo Cervantes, an immigrant from Mexico,...

Engaging your Community

In Your Community A good way to get involved with Red Ribbon Week is to engage your community. By beginning your own Red Ribbon Week campaign, you can spread the word of a drug-free environment. The children in your community can greatly benefit from an organized fight against drugs, and adults can have fun organizing positive events. Contact your community’s elected officials...

Classroom Activities

Classroom Activities Are you looking for effective ways to get your classroom active in drug awareness during Red Ribbon Week? Regardless of the age of your pupils, there are many ways to get your students involved in the drug-free movement. Whichever activities you choose to incorporate in your school, be sure to choose ones that will create lasting impressions on...
Pascrell se une con sus colegas para proteger a los 'soñadores' Pascrell, Pallone, Sires, Payne Jr., Watson-Coleman se unen con otros 101 miembros del Congreso pidiendo la protección de los datos privados de los inmigrantes “dreamers”. WASHINGTON, D.C. – Miembro de la Cámara de Representantes de los Estados Unidos, Bill Pascrell, Jr., Representando el Noveno Distrito de Nueva Jersey, se unió...

The Campaign

This Year’s Campaign Each year in October, Red Ribbon Week follows a new theme; this year’s is ”YOLO. Be Drug Free.” The theme — focused on the “you only live once” motto — was created by a pair of sixth-graders at Claysburg Kimmel Elementary School in Claysburg, Pa. As an award for creating this year’s theme, the school is receiving national...

Red Ribbon Week History

Red Ribbon Week History Since 1985, the Red Ribbon has been a symbol of commitment to raise awareness of the death and destruction drugs cause in America. Celebrated each year October 23-31, the Red Ribbon campaign serves as a way to educate American youth in drug prevention activities. The campaign was organized by The National Family Partnership (NFP.) The origins of the...
Las Redes Sociales pueden ser una herramienta para organizar a la comunidad.
Las Redes Sociales y Sus Derechos en La Época De Trump Por el abogado Santos Perez, www.GardenStateLaw.com La época de Trump es una llena de incertidumbre para los Latinos. Sus mensajes anti-inmigración y anti-latino, según adoptado por sus seguidores y otros funcionarios de su nuevo Gobierno, indiscutiblemente deben de despertar en cada Latino un forzoso deseo de participar en el proceso...
Winter Safety Humans aren’t the only ones affected by the bone-chilling temperatures and heavy snowfall that often accompanies winter. Our pets are equally impacted and require some special preventive care in the wintertime. Frostbite, falls and hypothermia should all be real concerns for pet owners, especially for those living in colder parts of the country. Fortunately, with a little common sense and...


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