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Parents’ Posts Matter

When talking about Internet safety, most parents likely focus on teaching their kids and teens about proper protocols but may not give much mind to the content they share themselves about their children.

Considering we’re still in the relatively early days of social media, that content could have a lasting impact on a child for decades to come.

Funny now but not later

Social media networks such as Facebook represent a fantastic tool to share family photos and keep distant friends and relatives up to date on your life. But, it’s important to remember who you share that information with and how.

A funny picture of your toddler might seem innocuous now, but think ahead 5-10 years. Will your daughter still think that silly picture needs to be public once she’s old enough to establish her own social media presence? By posting the photo, you’re making that decision for her.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t share photos of your children, but it’s important to think about the long-term effects.

Rights issues

Another thing to consider when sharing photos of your family on Facebook: You give up a certain amount of control when you publish those pictures into the world, especially when you’re agreeing to host them on social media or photo-sharing services. More than that, you’re posting something deeply personal (especially if your privacy settings aren’t strict) that could be grabbed and shared by anyone else, anywhere.

Keep private information private

Another thing to consider is that posting photos of your children can reveal sensitive data about their lives. A cute photo of them on their first day of school could reveal to strangers where they attend, while a shot of your son’s science fair exhibit could include his full legal name on the placard. Posting birthday photos reveals birth dates. Putting this information out into the online ether might seem innocuous, but it can be the perfect breadcrumbs for an identity theft, or worse, someone seeking to cause harm to your family.

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