Vips supporting Councilman Andre Sayegh for Mayor of Paterson, NJ.
Vips supporting Councilman Andre Sayegh for Mayor of Paterson, NJ.

PATERSON, NJ—Paterson Councilman Andre Sayegh, who is seeking to be Paterson’s next mayor in the city’s elections next week, released his public safety plan for Paterson at a symbolic Southside Branch Library police substation, which is planned to open at the end of May.

Joining Sayegh in announcing the public safety plan was sixth ward community leader Al Abdelaziz, who was an early proponent of the library substation and instrumental in its establishment. Though Mr. Abdelaziz and Councilman Sayegh once campaigned against each other for the sixth ward council seat Sayegh now holds, the former political rivals are united in their efforts to improve public safety in Paterson and create a brighter future for the city.

“I am very proud to be working with Al Abdelaziz to make Paterson safer by implementing his idea for a library police substation,” Sayegh said. “This is something that Paterson needs and will work well for our city.”

Sayegh, who represents Paterson’s Sixth Ward, said he chose to announce his public safety plan at the library substation to demonstrate the importance of bringing the community and law enforcement together to fight crime, and the crucial partnership between the community and the police in improving public safety.

“Public safety is the foundation for any successful community,” Abdelaziz said. “Community policing efforts, like this sub-station, and like the plan that Councilman Sayegh has put together, are crucial to doing what we need to do to move Paterson forward,” he added.

The Paterson Free Public Library is New Jersey’s oldest free public library, established by a vote of Paterson citizens in 18.

“We are asking Patersonians to once again use their vote to support progress, to vote for the future,” Sayegh said. “The people of Paterson know that we cannot move the city forward if we do not address our public safety challenges.”

The police sub-station, located at the Southside Branch, Paterson Free Public Library, 930 Main Street, Paterson, is expected to be open and operational by the end of the month.

Paterson’s municipal elections are May 8. Voters will cast ballots for mayor, and for three at-large council seats.

Councilman Andre Sayegh has represented Paterson’s Sixth Ward since he was first elected in 2008. He previously served on Paterson’s Board of Education from 2004-2008. For more information about Councilman Sayegh and his campaign, visit