Board of Education Member Junior Iglesia, Jeanette Rios and Perth Amboy Councilman, Joel Pabon (right)

Wilda Diaz, former Perth Amboy Mayor, endorses Joel Pabon, Jeanette Rios, and Junior Iglesia.

PERTH AMBOY, NJ –By Cristina Coll

Former Mayor of the City of Perth Amboy Wilda Diaz announced her endorsement of the “Vote for a Better Tomorrow” campaign. The team is composed of Perth Amboy residents: Council Member Joel Pabon, Entrepreneur Jeanette Rios, and Board of Education member Junior Iglesia. Vote for a Better Tomorrow’s focus is to improve the quality of life for city residents; the three candidates will appear in Column F on 2022 election ballots. 

Wilda Diaz’s endorsement stems from her mayoral experience working alongside Jeanette Rios, who was the mayor’s aide for more than five years. “It’s extremely valuable to have a candidate who understands this form of government,” said Diaz. “Not only am I familiar with Jeanette’s work ethic, but she is also a generous individual. She is passionate about volunteering and is committed to the well-being of the Perth Amboy community.”

“We are honored to be endorsed by former mayor Diaz,” the Vote for a Better Tomorrow Candidates explained. “Diaz was very beloved to the people of Perth Amboy, creating lasting changes that will continue upon the appointment of our team. Jeanette Rios’ experience as mayor’s aide in Perth Amboy is a tremendous asset to the team of Pabon, Rios, and Iglesia. Rios specifically thrived in the areas of economic development during her time in office. Rios is complemented by Pabon, who contributes his 12 years of experience as a councilman and as a retired U.S. Army First Sergeant. Additionally, Iglesia has served as a board member, where he fought against a tax increase for residents.With our combined expertise, we have pledged to work together for a Better Tomorrow.” 

The longtime residents, whose campaign is titled “Vote for a Better Tomorrow,” bring more than 50 years of combined community service to Perth Amboy. They will leverage their collective knowledge and record of success to create a laser focus on improving the lives of the community they are eager to serve. 

Running for council to make a difference, Pabon, Rios and Iglesia have a multi-faceted platform aimed at: 

●  Combating the unconscionable and uncontrolled increases in rent prices for the 64% of Perth Amboy residents who are renters by enforcing the City’s existing rent control ordinance, and reducing the maximum annual rent increases to three percent; a rent control ordinance has been in place in Perth Amboy since 1983 limiting annual rent increases to five percent unless significant capital expenditures have been made by the landlord, in which case the Rent Leveling Board may authorize an additional amount.

●  Requiring City law enforcement officials to conduct annual threat and safety assessments at all public schools to determine how best to protect the health and safety of the City’s students and faculty; and 

●  Launch a citywide “Quality of Life” educational effort aimed at making Perth Amboy cleaner, safer, and more liveable, particularly how to live safely in the COVID-19 environment, including adding additional testing and vaccine locations.

“As long-time residents, we embrace the diversity within our city and have a defined strategy to create positive change to make for a better tomorrow for all residents,” Pabon, Rios and Iglesia said in a joint statement. 

Pabon, Rios, and Iglesia in Column F on the Perth Amboy 2022 General Election Ballot 

The Perth Amboy City Council election is scheduled for November 8, 2022. For more information on the Vote for A Better Tomorrow campaign, visit their website,, or follow them on social media: 

Twitter: @VoteBetterTmrw 

Facebook: @VoteForABetterTomorrow 

Instagram: @voteforabettertomorrow 

Avoid the lines and traffic by voting via mail or early in-person at select locations. Mail-in voting in New Jersey starts September 24, and in-person early voting is October 29-November 6, 2022. 



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