By Cristina Pinzón-Stateside Affairs (from left to right): Councilman Barry Goode, Commissioner Rebecca Williams, Union County Prosecutor William Daniel, New Jersey State Assemblywoman Linda Carter, Mayor Adrian O. Mapp, Councilwoman Joylette Mills-Ransome

PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY – By Cristina Pinzón.-Stateside Affairs

The Housing Authority of Plainfield (HAP) and the Plainfield Police Department (PPD) joined at

Joanne Hollis Gardens (JHG) to celebrate the ribbon-cutting of a new community Resource

Center. Located at 535 West Third Street, the new Resource Center will serve as a safe haven for

residents in need and help restore trust through community policing. The facility will feature

meeting spaces that will provide a wide range of services that will directly serve at-risk youth,

battered women, and individuals seeking recovery from substance abuse while also increasing

police visibility in the area.

“Our mission is to better increase the relationship between the Plainfield Police Department and

our residents,” said Randall Wood, executive director of the Plainfield Housing Authority. “This

partnership reflects not only the spirit of the housing authority but the shared values of our

partners and their commitment to serving our residents.”

The community policing initiative is intended to help strengthen the relationship between

residents and local law enforcement officials and to provide resources free of charge. Prior to this

achievement, the unit served as an old living space, which had since remained vacant until it was

remodeled to establish the Resource Center.

Plainfield to Promote New Community Policing Initiative

“Our priority is to always create viable, safe and healthy communities that empower our

residents,” said Louise A. Colodne, chairwoman of the Plainfield Housing Authority. “We are

able to deliver on those promises by collaborating with partners like the Plainfield Police

Department who share that same interest in serving our residents with integrity and respect.”

In attendance was Union County’s chief law enforcement officer and multiple law enforcement

officials who gathered in support of the new community policing initiative.

“I commend the Housing Authority of Plainfield and the Plainfield Police Department for

launching the new community Resource Center,” said Union County Prosecutor William A.


“This innovative idea will strengthen the relationship between community members and law

enforcement, fostering a partnership between officers and the public they serve.”

The event drew leaders from the state and local level who commended the housing authority on

achieving this milestone where officers will work closely together with families to promote

community policing initiatives with the goal of improving the overall quality of life for the

residents of Joanne Hollis Gardens and the community in which it serves.

“It is the seemingly small things that sometimes make the biggest difference.” said Mayor Adrian

O. Mapp. “It’s a pleasure for me to take part in this ribbon cutting ceremony today. I thank the

Plainfield Housing Authority, the Plainfield Police Department and all the other agencies

involved that made this resource center possible. I look forward to seeing it flourish as a source

of support to those that need it most within this community. This is a great example of how we

can find creative solutions as a city.”

Residents and members of the public will be able to stop in during the hours of operation to

request police services, ask questions, or simply speak to a police officer. The Resource Center

will feature meeting spaces that will provide a wide range of services including counseling for

at-risk youth, battered women, and individuals seeking recovery from substance abuse.

“It’s important to create a strong relationship with the residents,” said Captain David Guarino of

the Plainfield Police Department. “Not only will they feel safe in their own communities but we

want them to feel comfortable coming up to our team with any questions or concerns they have.”

Attendees were gathered at the Resource Center where residents and children met with

community leaders and enjoyed activities provided by Plainfield organizations such as the PPD

and Plainfield Fire Department. Parents and their children had the opportunity to learn about fire

safety and ask questions about how to become a firefighter or police officer. They were also

provided information on resources and giveaways as part of their continuing effort to educate the


“We want the residents of Plainfield to always feel they are connected to those who can improve

their safety issues as well as quality of life,” added Barry Goode, city councilman & liaison to

the Housing Authority of Plainfield.

To learn more about HAP’s Resource Center visit or call 908-769-6335 ext. 600.