Latinas Unidas supporting re-election of United Senator Bob Menendez.
Latinas Unidas supporting re-election of United Senator Bob Menendez.

New Jersey LUPE PAC and UnidosUS Action Fund Endorse Bob Menendez for U.S. Senate
Latina leaders from across New Jersey and UnidosUS Action Fund President Janet Murguia call on voters to re-elect Bob Menendez to a third term.

Latinas Unidas supporting re-election of United Senator Bob Menendez.
Latinas Unidas supporting re-election of United Senator Bob Menendez.
Newark, NJ (September 20, 2018)— The UnidosUS Action Fund and Latinas United for Political Empowerment (LUPE) PAC announced on Wednesday, September 19 their endorsement to re-elect Bob Menendez to a third term to the U.S. Senate.  The groups also announced plans to mobilize New Jersey voters — particularly Latina voters — to vote in record numbers this November.
Today’s announcement marks the beginning of the push to mobilize Latinos New Jersey to vote in unprecedented levels this November. UnidosUS Action Fund and LUPE PAC will mobilize Latinos to vote through an aggressive digital campaign, phone calls, texts, and most importantly, by talking to neighbors and Latinocommunity members to share the urgency of this moment.
The 2018 Election is clearly the most important mid-term election in our recent history. This election will decide if we can slow down the damage done by this administration’s policies.
“Now more than ever Latina women voices need to be heard at the voting booth because we need to make sure we send representatives like Bob Menendez to Washington that will stand up for our issues; for our families, for our children and for our right to have access to reproductive healthcare choices.  When women vote, our families vote,” said Patricia Campos-Medina, President, LUPE PAC.
“Senator Menendez stands with Latinas on the issues that make a real impact on their families. He fought to get the Affordable Health Care passed and led the effort to develop a bi-partisan Senate Bill on Comprehensive Immigration Reform that overwhelmingly passed the Senate,” stated UnidosUS Action Fund President Janet Murguia. “I’m proud to be here today with the LUPE PAC to join forces to ensure that if you want to block the divisive and cruel policies of this President and care about the health, education and future of your children, you must come out to vote in November.”
The Latino electorate across the country and in New Jersey is mobilizing this mid-term election like never before and this is happening in large part due to the leadership of Latinas.  Latinas of all ages are mobilizing their communities through organizing marches, voter registration projects and increasingly, choosing to serve as elected officials and candidates for office.
“I am 17 years old and am a member of the Make the Road New Jersey youth program where I have been working to register Latinos to vote,” said Youth Immigrant Activist Giovana Castenda. “My father was deported when I was very young, and I grew up without him. My mother struggled to make ends meet as a result. For every person I register, I think that’s one vote for my father who never got that opportunity and that’s one vote for my mother who can’t. It is one more voice making known the issues that our important to us. That’s why every vote counts.”
“As the first Latino legislator in my district, I have had a front row seat watching the progress the Latino community has made in recent years. Although I am proud and amazed, I know there is still so much work to be done. We want to encourage more Latinos to establish their own businesses, therefore creating jobs and contributing to the stability of their neighborhoods,” said New Jersey State Senator Nellie Pou.  “This can all be accomplished by what we do in the voting booth, so let’s get out and vote,” concluded Pou.

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