Choosing a Facility

After the wedding, you will want to celebrate your new lives together with your guests. Where you choose to do so should come down to size, cost and overall fit for your party plans.

Selecting the right facility for your reception can be a challenging part of the wedding planning process. Enlist the help of a local planner to come up with options that meet your requirements, and try to get this step done early in the process.

Most reception halls and community centers will require a down payment well in advance of your event. That’s why it’s crucial to hammer out all of your research on the front end.


The reception facility is the backdrop to the wedding party. There will be many things to consider in your search.

You might get ideas from receptions you have attended. Ask friends and family for places that are reputable and affordable.

When searching for that perfect reception venue, you might consider any themes in your wedding. The reception is an extension of the main event, so be sure to check if the facility can accommodate your special ideas or requests.


Location has to be considered when choosing the right reception facility. This will be the case especially for a destination wedding but also for a local one.

You don’t want to travel a long distance to a reception and neither do your guests. Keep logistics in mind when settling on a facility.

Size counts too, because the venue needs to comfortably accommodate the number of wedding guests you expect. This applies for safety reasons, also. Consider the atmosphere and mood you want to create for that first event of your married life.

Facility Ideas

The traditional place for a reception has been a church fellowship hall, multi-purpose room or basement. Some still prefer this, and that is perfectly fine. Whatever meets your needs on your wedding day will be appreciated by your family and friends celebrating with you.

Additionally, local civic centers and halls can be rented for your reception. Wineries make great reception venues, especially if you’re looking for stunning scenery. If you’re planning a smaller wedding, you may have a family member or friend offer to let you use their home.

There numerous options when it comes to choosing the perfect facility for your reception. Consider all factors before making your final decision and stick with your choice.

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