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Your wedding plans involve a comprehensive set of responsibilities and tasks that include a host of important matters, such as your dress, decorations and the honeymoon.

Embedded in those plans is the choice of that special little guy that will bear that all important ring.

How to Choose One

How do you choose that cute wedding party member with the biggest responsibility? Most weddings only incorporate one ring bearer, but many families have a number of equally loved nephews and male cousins. You do not want to make any of them feel left out or create an atmosphere that one of them is your favorite, so the choice can be difficult.

Age will have to be a top consideration, because you want your ring bearer to be old enough to follow directions. Traditionally, ring bearers are three to eight years old according to the experts in the industry. Younger boys could work if they are mature for their age.

Their personality and nature are important too, because some might be introverted or shy. They might prefer to just watch the wedding. Others might love that attention and the limelight. On the other hand, if they are too active, they might get bored with the pomp and circumstance. Take all of these factors into consideration when choosing your ring bearer.

The Perfect Clothes

Make sure your little guy is ready to strut proudly down the aisle with the perfect clothes. Consider the designer, color and obviously, the price if you’re the one footing the bill for the ring bearer.

Many times the ring bearer will mimic the groom’s ensemble. If you have trouble finding anything in his smaller size to match, try finding an outfit with colors that match the overall theme of your wedding.

The main key is to make sure your ring bearer is wearing comfortable clothes and shoes that are the right size and fit correctly. You want him to enjoy the experience too.

Preparing him

If your ring bearer is anxious about his part, explain to him about how proud you are of him. Puffing up his confidence can only help the situation. Reassure him that he is perfect for the job and that his responsibilities are important to the day in general.

Practice his role several times to help him remember and get comfortable in the environment. Another good idea is to place someone along the aisle or the center who he knows and will encourage him down the aisle.

You might be pleasantly surprised as he rises to the occasion. Make sure you reward him for his efforts.

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