Summer Drinks


Best Summer Drinks

Summer is as synonymous with cocktails as it is with baseball, barbecue and sunscreen. No matter how hot the weather, a whisky concoction on the rocks can make you forget about the humidity.

Daiquiris, mai tais and summer shandies also can go a long way toward relieving some of the sun’s glare, whether you’re at an outdoor wedding, a festival or just a casual summer party.

The key to finding a summer cocktail that really hits the spot is in finding out what kind of drinks you prefer. Follow our guide below to uncover the cocktail profile that fits you best.

Sweet & Sour

Both the daiquiri and the mai tai feature a perfect balance of sweet and tart that will leave you looking for a refill. Sangria is another popular option to beat the summer heat and features wine, sour mix and all sorts of fresh fruit — basically whatever is lying around your kitchen.

A Bit of the Bubbly

Many classic summer drinks contain champagne. This drink makes a bubbly addition to any mixed masterpiece, as do mixes containing ginger ale or lemon-lime soda. Mix up your own champagne cocktail and let the bubbles take away your longing for cooler weather.

Fresh Fruits and Herbs

The perfect way to freshen up any mixed drink is by adding fruits or herbs. This can include tossing a few strawberries into your daiquiri or a couple of mint leaves into your bourbon mix. Try adding watermelon to a white spirit or cucumber to your gin and tonic. Think creatively when it comes to incorporating real foods into your drinks.

Spice Things Up

Cocktails don’t always have to include hard liquor. Try adding hot sauce and clam juice to your light beer to make your own version of a Mex-style brew. A summer shandy is a lovely treat, combining your favorite dark lager with half a glass of lemonade.