Save on School Supplies

Shopping for school supplies can hit your wallet hard, especially if you’re sending multiple children to school this fall. Fortunately there are many ways to save if you take the time to put together a solid plan.

Many teachers send out a school supply list a few weeks ahead of the school year’s first day. You may want to wait to start shopping until this list arrives, but you can probably get started at the first sign of deals for basics, such as writing utensils, folders and paper.

Remember that the earlier you complete your shopping, the more cash you are likely to save. Stores may run low on inventory as the school year gets closer.

Take Stock

Especially if your child has been in school for multiple years, you likely already have many of the required items at home. Take a look around the house and compile all of the pencils, erasers, rulers, notebooks and binders you can find. This simple action can lead to substantial savings before you even head to the store.

These can generally be re-purposed for another school year if they’re still in good shape. Place them into a central location, such as a small plastic tote, and distribute them appropriately to each child’s supply kit.

Local Stores AND Sales

Ready to head to the store? Look for bargains at thrift stores. Clothing is affordable, and many of your local stores are likely running special sales for back-to-school shopping. The items may go quickly, so be sure to start your shopping a few weeks ahead of the start of the school year.

You also can check out your local newspaper for garage sale listings. You can find a ton of great deals on backpacks, supplies and even clothes that can help you save on your school preparations.

Involve the Kids

Want to teach your kids a lesson or two? Get them involved in setting and adhering to a school supply budget. Set limits with your kids and talk to them about the importance of saving money and finding great deals.

Speaking to children about money management from a young age can lead to better financial decision-making in the future. It’s never too early to learn about money, and back to school is a great time to start.

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