Get the Best Trade-In Deal

If it’s time to purchase a new car, it may also be time to upgrade your current vehicle to maximize its trade-in value.

There are many ways to make this happen.

In addition to a down payment, a good price on your trade-in can greatly lower the total amount that you will ultimately owe for your new vehicle. It’s important to research your vehicle’s value so you’re not negotiating blindly when it’s time to close the deal.


A good way to get a great handle on the trade-in value of your car is to check with a resource like Kelley Blue Book. You can use the company’s database to find a rough estimate of what a dealer may offer for a trade-in. Answer the website’s questions honestly to give yourself the most accurate value.

Dealers are experienced in this department and know what they’re looking for when valuing a trade-in. It’s easy to be discouraged if you are offered less than you are expecting, so having a realistic value in mind is critical to keeping you on track at the dealership.

Give Your Vehicle Some TLC

The impression your vehicle makes on the dealer is up to you. Make sure to spend some time scrubbing the exterior and vacuuming the interior. It may not be a bad idea to hire a local professional detail company to really make it shine.

Many of these detail companies also work for dealerships, sprucing up vehicles before they’re sold. They will have a good understanding of how to beautify your vehicle when you tell them you’re taking it in for trade.

Mechanical Difficulties?

Apart from the appearance, you will benefit from correcting any minor mechanical problems your car is experiencing. If you’re hearing noises from under the hood, that may be unattractive to a dealer looking to re-sell. Have a local expert take a look and give you advice on which repairs are most pressing.

Knowing about these minor issues will give you an upper hand when negotiating. You can refer to your mechanic’s repair quote, letting your dealer know exactly what type of work is required to get the vehicle into top shape.

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