Work Activities


TIP: Change How You Meet

One easy way to burn extra calories at work is to change how you meet with people. Instead of doing sit-down meetings all the time, switch to “walk-and-talk” meetings when you’ve got to have short exchanges with coworkers. And instead of picking up the phone or sending another e-mail, get up and see the person face-to-face. It’s healthier and could be a good career move as you communicate better in person.

Getting Physical Activity at Work

If your job’s a sedentary one — one that you sit for long periods of time to carry out — you may think that it’s impossible to take any physical exercise while at work. That’s not strictly true, though.

There are ways in which you can be physically active at work, provided you have the motivation. The following tips will help you get regular bursts of exercise throughout the day, benefiting both your physical and mental health.


Take the stairs instead of the elevator whenever you can. Start off slowly. Don’t make your first trip via the staircase one that involves having to walk up eight flights of stairs. Increase the number of stairs you walk up over time. After a few months this will become a habit and you will rarely even consider about taking the elevator.


Volunteer to run errands around the workplace. If someone in your department wants something delivered to a colleague three floors down, then volunteer to take it. Don’t think that your position and status in the company mean that you can’t volunteer for such a task. Leading by example is the best way to lead. You’ll gain respect as well as improved fitness levels!


See if any colleagues want to join you for a lunchtime walk. Walking for 30 minutes outside in the fresh air will provide you with your recommended daily quota of exercise, and leave you feeling re-energized for the afternoon ahead.

Remember to take regular breaks from you workspace throughout the day. One trick to ensure you do is to drink plenty of water. At least then you’ll have to walk to the washroom every so often!